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What is an Intro PT session?

An Intro PT Session is an introductory meeting with a personal trainer lasting about an hour, during which the trainer briefly interviews a new club member and, after completing a short evaluation, tailors the best training program for member’s individual goals. This session also gives a member an opportunity to become acquainted with the trainer, and all machines available at our club. If you missed your PT Intro by any chance at the start of your membership, please contact our sales consultants to book your session or fiill in the following form

Should I book a PT session before, or can I just ask at reception?

Any Personal Training sessions should be booked beforehand at the club reception, to make sure we have a trainer available for you that can support you in achieving your particular goal.

Will there be any support to help me get started?

All new joiners are entitled to a complimentary introduction session with a trainer, booked beforehand, which gives you one hour of expert fitness advice, together with personalized training plan. Please see the question: What is an intro PT session? In addition you are also entitled to a 30 min consultation with our dietitian (Nutrition Coach) to support your training program with a customized healthy eating plan.

What should I wear to the gym?

We advice to wear light, comfortable clothing that is breathable and allows you to move freely. Please ensure that your choice of clothing doesn't make other members uncomfortable. Members cannot work out topless, and closed-toe shoes (cross trainers or running shoes) must be worn in the gym at all times.

Should I tell to studio instructor that I am in this class for the first time?

Our instructors are used to ask at the start of each class, if anyone attends for a first time, for special attention and any advice, if needed. Also, feel free to let the instructor know about it and share any relevant information about your health or condition for a comfort of the class and your safety.

Can I use the Club facilities for free?

Yes. Our membership options are OPEN, what means when joining the club, feel free to use anything we have available in our facilities. That includes: pool, saunas, Jacuzzi, Power Plate machines (if relevant), spinning and other studio classes, also any shorter group classes in the Club area i.e. Xpress training.

Should I book the space in fitness class?

In most of our Clubs and for most studio classes it is not required, due to a wide range of classes and time schedule available.

How often does the fitness class schedule change?

We try to make as few changes to the class schedule as possible, to assure your comfort and convenience. Any changes usually relate to the number of people willing to attend a given class, or the summer season, but the schedule changes no more than four times a year.

What age can I start using fitness club?

Due to law and safety rules in the fitness club, the minimum age of our joiners is 16. At that age a minor can join our Club after a written consent from his or her parents or guardians.

How can I orientate in the Club?

In every club we have Personal trainer in a red shirt, who will help you to get started. On the beginning of the membership you can have one lesson with a Personal trainer.


Can I use Holmes Place even I am not a member?

Our strategy is to be a member’s only club for a safety and comfort of all our members, therefore we encourage you to become a short or long-term member. However, you can visit any club on a one-day–pass basis with a cost. Also, feel free to book a meeting with our consultant, who will get you familiar with the club and offer a complimentary training that day.

Can I try the club before joining?

Yes, we offer that possibility and we understand how important is to get a feel and touch of the product and service before making a purchase. Therefore, please contact our consultant at the club of your interest for your trial day. Right after a consultation meeting, feel free to train or relax in our facilities

Do I need to bring anything with me when joining a Club?

We would only need basic documents like a proof of identity (driving license, ID, passport) and proof of your banking details (bank statement or electronic pay slip). If you are a corporate member, please bring a corporate ID as well.

Is there a possibility to rent a locker?

Yes. In our changing rooms there are separate lockers dedicated for rent for a specific period of time. Please ask the club reception for cost details.

I have received an invitation to Holmes Place Club; how can I use it?

If you have received an invitation for one or more days, as a part of a reward or cooperation, please visit the Club while the invitation is valid to start your journey with us. Please note that number of days of the invitation are consecutive.
However, if you have received a one-time visit from our representative during events Holmes Place
was a part of, you have probably provided your contact information and our representative will contact you within 48 hours to activate it.

Can I invite a friend to the club?

We know how important is to feel comfortable and train with friends, who often are our motivators. That is why we frequently organize complimentary invite-a-friend special actions. Also, you have an option to contact our consultant and ask them to get in touch with your friend to set up a complimentary club visit and training session. Please note this kind of invitation for a given friend is valid once in 3 months.

Is it possible to come to the SPA without being a member of the Club?

Yes. Please feel free to visit and enjoy any Spa treatment. Clik here to see the treatments offered by our Spa.

Do you have a solarium and is it included?

Yes, some of our Clubs have solarium and they're for free. Also, in most of our clubs we provide a tanning service as additional option. Please contact a reception from your Club for more details.


Are there any other costs than a membership fee?

There is a one-off joining fee at the start, which varies per club, needed to prepare documents and your membership-card. Other than that, we offer a wide range of additional services that include personal training sessions, nutrition coaching, SPA services, various workshops, guest passes and tanning booth srevice, that require additional fee. Please contact our club for cost details.

Why your membership fees vary in different locations?

Holmes Place clubs exist in various cities and its different locations. Given fee in each club depends on it, but also depends on operations and fixed costs of the Club.

Can I suspend membership during the contract?

It depends on the memebership you had contracted. Please ask our consultants in order to get more details.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Your membership can be temporarily or permanently transferred to another person, due to short or long term absence. In case of a short absence (3 – 6 months) membership may be transferred temporarily with no additional fees. In case of a long-term transfer over 6 months, please apply in the Club for a permanent transfer; additional fee of 25 euro applies. In both cases, a member and a person to whom the membership will be transferred, must apply on the Club in person for a change.

Can I buy a membership valid for all Holmes Place Clubs?

Yes, we offer this type of membership. Please contact one of our Clubs for a specific offer on multi-club option.

Can I change my membership from one location to another?

Yes, it is possible, first please contact a new club you would like to attend. You will need to sign a transfer document – your ‘new’ club then will get in touch with your previous location to transfer and close your contract there.

Can I buy a separate membership for a studio fitness, gym or pool?

Strategy of our company is to make available, for all our members, the biggest variety of facilities and fitness equipment we provide. Therefore, memberships give access to all the club area.

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