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  • Zumba


    A discipline based on Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, as well as samba, belly dancing and hip-hop.

  • BodyJam


    A class focusing both on fun and physical exercise, a merger of hip-hop, funk and Latin music.

  • BodyAttack


    Cardiovascular class combining high-intensity aerobics and strength and stability exercises. Stimulate the improvement of motor capacity regarding coordination and agility, as well as increasing the strength and resistance of muscles.

  • BodyCombat


    It's the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, Tai Chi and Muay Thai.

  • Ciclo


    Aerobic and endurance exercise on stationary bikes. Each participant follows the trainer's instructions set to motivating music tracks and challenging every member according to their induvidual abilities.

  • BodyStep


    Step class with simple steps, combining athletics and energetic movements. With this activity, you will increase strength and improve coordination and agility.

  • Step


    Choreographed activity carried out by stepping onto and off a platform to the rhythm of music, with a wide variety of movements. Perfect to work on legs and burn calories.

  • Dance


    A session in which you will move to the rhythm of hip-hop, Latin dance and other styles. If you like dancing, this is your class. Enjoy our choreographies!

  • Sh'Bam


    Set to a soundtrack of chart-topping popular hits, dance music that is heard in the hottest nightclubs around the world, familiar classics remixed and modernized Latin beats, Sh'Bam is the ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise.

  • Running Club

    Running Club

    The Running Club is a place for runners willing to share their challenges and successes. Are you in?

  • Airfit


    Boost your strength and tone your legs with Airtfit, the new explosive cardio workout, with 9 funny songs that will make you fly on your trampoline for 45 minutes.

  • Be Woman

    Entrenamiento dirigido a mujeres combinando el entrenamiento cardiovascular a través del baile y la tonificación de glúteos y piernas

  • Zumba Step

    Zumba Step

    Ideal for brave ones who want to feel their muscles boil . Want to strength and tone legs and buttocks ? Go beyond!

  • Bollywood


    Dance from the famous Indian cinema mix funky rhythms with western styles such as traditional dances of India. Improved coordination, body language and tone and increases flexibility.

  • Activate


    ACTIVATE is a very amusing class of low-intensity, low-complexity and low impact physical exercise. A highly complete activity, alternating aerobics exercises with localised training

  • BodyPump


    It' is a barbell class that will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! It challenges all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl. It's the fastest way to get in shape!

  • Global Training

    Global Training

    A comprehensive, cardiovascular workout with a variety of exercises that incorporate toning and stretching. Improve tone, muscular and cardiovascular resistance whilst you burn off the calories.

  • Spartans


    A type of advanced level and high-intensity training: Very complete, as it works on different aspects of physical preparation globally (Cardio, strength, agility and resistance). It requires certain prior preparation.

  • Tone


    45-minute activity aimed at toning all the muscles in the body by easy and safe exercises, to the rhythm of music.

  • ABS Express

    ABS Express

    Our group classes at your gym with the guidance of personal trainers will convince you that the dream six-pack abs can be yours too!

  • Core Training

    Core Training

    A class consisting of muscular reinforcement exercises for the abdomen and the back.

  • Made in Brasil

    Made in Brasil

    For 30 minutes, let yourself be captivated by the lively rhythm of Brazilian music and the energy and enthusiasm of your instructors in a new program of pre-choreographed group classes, dedicated exclusively to our glutes.

  • Body Fit

    Body Fit

    Be Fit is the low-impact, whole body group fitness workout that uses Vive balls, Vive tubes and body weight to boost fitness and core strength.

  • BAL


    Training session designed to tone buttocks, abs and legs.

  • WOD - Workout of the day

    WOD - Workout of the day

    30min Training sessions inspired by CrossFit. Exercises combines gymnastics, lifting of checks and metabolic training , all through functional high intensity movements. Sessions are designed for all ages and levels. Each session is creative and varie

  • MIB / CORE

  • Total Body

    Entrenamiento combinado de trabajo cardiovascular y de tonificación para mejorar las condiciones físicas básicas

  • Suspension Training Class

    Suspension Training Class

    30' Suspension training session where we will be working strength, flexibility, balance and stability of the central body (core) simultaneously. Perform a wide variety of exercises using gravity and body weight itself. Maximum 12 people.

  • Queenax

    Entrenamiento de alta intensidad utilizando la Jaula QUEENAX orientado a la mejora rápida de las condiciones físicas

  • OCR

    Oriented preparation for overcoming obstacles racing class

  • Tabata


    high intensity intervalic training. Short duration. Work all your physical qualities.

  • Kinesis Experience

    Kinesis Experience

    Sesión de entrenamiento funcional progresivo en diferentes planos de movimiento corporal, utilizando máquinas Kinesis, Combina movimientos reducidos, naturales i seguros que tienen transferencia en los movimientos de la vida diaria. Son sesiones diná

  • Corrección postural

    Corrección postural

    Actividad dirigida dedicada al trabajo de la tonificación y estiramiento del cuerpo general y la espalda en particular, para una mejora de la postura corporal.



    Una clase diseñada para buscar el mejor entrenamiento para piernas, glúteos y abdomen, combinando con ejercicios para todo el tren superior.

  • Circuit Training

    Circuit Training

    Clase de combinación de ejercicios funcionales y entrenamiento metabólico buscado el máximo rendimiento de tu cuerpo. Clase divertida adaptada al nivel de cada uno de los participantes.

  • Total-CXWORX


    It is a combination of the Total Body class oriented to a cardio-tone work of the whole body, combined with CX WORX, oriented to the work of the abdomen, glutes and shoulders.

  • Body Balance

    Body Balance

    A combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, which will increase your flexibility as well as your mental health.

  • Pilates


    Pilates exercises are intended to strengthen and stretch the muscles throughout the body, and to try to take advantage of a balanced cooperation of the body and mind. This exercise develops coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and breathing.

  • Tai-Chi


    A system of exercises comprising relaxing movements, created to stabilise the balance of vital forces in the body (The union of the Ying and Yang).

  • Yoga


    Millenary practice focused on conquer a perfect equilibrium between body and mind through. It's based on breath exercises and asanas.

  • Yoga Stretch

    Yoga Stretch

    A type of Yoga focused on the postural correction working on flexibility and strengthening.

  • Yoga Power

    Yoga Power

    A more intense type of Yoga, in which the execution gets more technical, emphasizing work on the biomechanics of the body structure.

  • Yoga Mind

    Yoga Mind

    Type of Yoga focused on the mind's knowledge and working.

  • Stretch


    If today's training was difficult then why not relax and stretch your tired muscles?

  • Body Balance Family

    Body Balance Family

    Enjoy TaiChi, Pilates and Ioga with your son or daughter (if they are 11-14 years old and have a Family quota)

  • Core Balance

    Core Balance

    A combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, which will increase your flexibility as well as your mental health.

  • Intro yoga

    Intro yoga

    If you want to introduce in yoga, learn how to breath, correct your posture and acquire flexibility, this is your class!

  • Chair Yoga

    Chair Yoga

    45 yoga session ' in which we use a chair as a support , which will help us to facilitate the implementation of the postures (asanas ) , improve stability i the balance giving us more security. Suitable for all audiences.

  • Tai Chi 48 movements

    Tai Chi 48 movements

    A system of exercises comprising 48 relaxing movements, created to stabilise the balance of vital forces in the body (The union of the Ying and Yang).

  • Tai Chi 42 + 48 movements

    Tai Chi 42 + 48 movements

    A system of exercises comprising 42+48 relaxing movements, created to stabilise the balance of vital forces in the body (The union of the Ying and Yang).

  • AquaZumba


    This training mixes zumba and latin rithms with traditional aquatic exercises. Twirls, stretching and laughs combined with a safe training will help you to improve cardiovascular and to tone up your body

  • Aquapower


    A water activity aiming to get you in shape quickly. High-intensity water programmes with fixed choreography, focused on people whose aims go beyond a simply healthy level of physical fitness.

  • Aquafit


    This intensive training allows participants to build their strength by using the water for resistance to an upbeat, aerobic tempo.

  • Swimming


    Swimming is one of the most popular sports because it is an activity that increases cardiovascular resistance without having any impact on the body’s articulations.

  • Swimming for kids

    Swimming for kids

    The first experience of your children in the water should be fun and safe. In the swimming classes they will have interactive activities with monitors and other children, to develop the child’s confidence and team spirit.

  • Swimming for babies

    Swimming for babies

    For the last two decades, swimming for babies has become increasingly popular, as it helps to develop motor and sensorial coordination as well as socialization.

  • Free Swim

    Free Swim

    Relaxing moments of fun in the swimming pool for parents and children. This is a session previously booked in a pre-established timetable, only for members, enabling parents to relax, enjoy themselves and accompany their children in the swimming pool

  • Aquafit Family

    Aquafit Family

    General cardio workout inside the pool with music and a trainer. You can realise this workout with your son or daugther if he/she's in one of our Family quota and is 11-14 years old.

  • Aquatic training

    Aquatic training

    Physical training in the aquatic environment in which you will complete different distance with different styles and materials.

  • Aquarelax


    Enjoy a moment of relax in the swimming pool with relaxing music and dim light.

  • Attention


    The classes that you will find below are only available in some Clubs. Please enquire about their availability.

  • TRX


    A combination of functional exercises with and without material, initiation in trx and auto-load exercises.

  • Senior Training

    Senior Training

    A semi-private course for seniors, comprising Pilates, Aqua Senior and Global Training classes.

  • Metabolic


    A high intensity activity combining exercises with material and auto-load, based on high calorie consumption training.

  • Aerobic - Step for Kids

    Aerobic - Step for Kids

    An aerobic class adapted for kids.

  • Pilates Machines

    Pilates Machines

    Workout your entire body, increasing flexibility and general muscular toning while also obtaining double the benefit, as you also obtain progressive resistance during the muscle contraction while you do the exercises.

  • Functional Training

    Functional Training

    Work on manual resistance, with your own weight and with new materials. Improve the sports technical gestures you need and in your everyday activities.

  • Running Workout

    Running Workout

    Outdoor essions for running enthusiasts. You will train your cardiovascular capacity by combining different systems of continuous career training, along with several exercises of strength and speed.

  • Zumba for Kids

    Zumba for Kids

    Special class for kid based on Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, as well as samba, belly dancing and hip-hop.

  • Introduction to rhythms

    Introduction to rhythms

    Begin in the world of dance in an enjoyable way.

  • Aerobic


    Aerobics brings together all the advantages of aerobic exercises, as well as exercising physical capacities such as flexibility, coordination, orientation and rhythm.

  • Hip Hop - Funky for Kids

    Hip Hop - Funky for Kids

    Your children will have great fun learning these two modern dances that are fashionable because of their rhythm and expressive capacity.

  • Introduction to Aero-Step

    Introduction to Aero-Step

    Enjoy this class introducing Aero-Step.

  • Kung Fu For Kids

    Kung Fu For Kids

    Kung Fu classes are especially good for children, helping them to develop physically in areas such as balance, coordination, reaction, flexibility, speed, strength, resistance and power.

  • Ciclo Triathlon

    Ciclo Triathlon

    Cycle class to prepare you especially for triathlon competitions.

  • Contact Sport

    Contact Sport

    A special class combining different types of contact sports.

  • Show Dance

    Show Dance

    Enjoy a choreographed dance class with the best music.

  • Physio

    Entrenamiento impartido por fisioterapeutas para la mejora de la salud.

  • Ciclo Kids

    Ciclo Kids

    An adapted cycle session for kids where they can pedal to the rithm of the music

  • Table Tennis Kids

    Table Tennis Kids

    Time to play! Find your Table Tennis zone at your Holmes Place Club

  • Kangoo Discovery Kids

    Kangoo Discovery Kids

    Learn how to jump as an australian kangaroo at Kangoo Discovery sessions for Kids

  • Kangoo Power

    Kangoo Power

    Jumping classes with special shoes to practice this fun workout of a low impact rebound

  • FTC 45'

    FTC 45'

    Functional Training Cross

  • Attack


    Cardiovascular class combining high-intensity aerobics and strength and stability exercises. Stimulate the improvement of motor capacity regarding coordination and agility, as well as increasing the strength and resistance of muscles.

  • Club Junior English Weekend

    Club Junior English Weekend

    Yoga in English for children from 7-13 years, where they learn basic yoga postures while working their flexibility, strength and improve their concentration.

  • Shake Fit

    Shake Fit

    Discipline that combines fitness exercises with artistic dance movements. Your goal is to powerfuly tone the lower body until you drop your body.

  • Body Tono

    Body Tono

    Trabajo con tu propio cuerpo, sin material.Treball aerobic y muscular

  • TBC


    Improve your fitness, muscle and cardiovascular condition with this class, where you will exercise the entire body.

  • Warrior


    This is a stunning 45 minutes class that combines exciting music with shadow boxing and martial arts moves . A cardio session where participants will also work skills such as agility , speed, strength and balance. It is a safe and effective

  • Free Style

    Free Style

    Exercise your body dancing hip- hop for 45 minutes and also learn new dance moves and fun choreography .

  • X-celerate


    Sesión de entrenamiento de alta intensidad y de impacto, de tipo interválico , que utiliza movimientos funcionales de diferentes deportes que mejoran como foco principal la resistencia aeróbica y anaeróbica, y potencia otras capacidades físicas

  • HIIT


    High Intensity Interval Training.

  • Cross training

    Cross training

    Program resistance exercise and physical fitness. It is based on the potentiation of physical capabilities. Its main objective is to develop performance in physical areas.

  • Functional Training Swim

    Functional Training Swim

    A new way of training inside and outside of water, combining different kind of activities. You won't stop!

  • Running Club Femenino

    Running Club Femenino

    Get fit at our Running Club for Women and be guided by Maria Vasco. Did you know that she is an Olympic medallist? Come to meet here.

  • Functional Cross

    Functional Cross

    High intensity workout 45 '. Organized class by stations mixing cardiovascular and muscular work.

  • CTA


    High intensity 45' session to train force, strength and power of your body with combining different aerobic and muscle workouts. An ideal tool for learning the basics of a combat class.

  • Diverswim


    Activity for parents and children, where you can relax and join your children at the pool. Seeing they improving in water is a magical experience.

  • Dance Mix

    Dance Mix

    An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles with the best music, emphasizing both the fun and the non-stop sweating. You'll learn how to move with attitude and pace in this class of 55'.

  • Family Fit

    Family Fit

    Special activities for children ( age 4-6 and age 7-11). On Sundays parents and children can enjoy activities designed especially to have fun together.

  • Marcha - Iniciación

    Marcha - Iniciación

    En esta sesión aprenderás las técnicas básicas de la "marcha atlética" y disfrutarás de sus beneficios. Mejora tu capacidad cardiovascular disminuyendo el nivel de impacto de las articulaciones. (60')

  • Salsa


    Learn to dance salsa. Sexy movements to the beat of exotic rhythms that will push your body to a non-stop dance session.

  • Low Attack

    Low Attack

    Low Attack is a low cardiovascular impact class. It is very dynamic and it's good for preparing your body for other classes such as: Body Attack, Body Combat or Body Pump.

  • Mix Class

    Mix Class

    Training session where you will do cardiovascular work, muscle tone, and muscle flexibility.

  • Cross Limit

    Cross Limit

    Metabolic training class. High intensity self weight workout. A series of timed workouts with short rests. Learn to work with the Tabata system or using extensive interval circuits.

  • English Pilates

    English Pilates

    Pilates session in English, where you will be able to strengthen and stretch the muscles throughout the body, and to try to take advantage of a balanced cooperation of the body and mind. This exercise develops coordination, strength, balance, flexibi

  • Fit Free

    Combines Fitness and Body Mind. You will work your strength, endurance and flexibility without barriers. Leave your shoes at the locker and come and discover the animal in you.

  • Speed and Sports

    Speed and Sports

    Befast, agile and flexible in a full workout. Session inspired on different sports: football, athletics, handball ... You just need concentration and intensity for this training.

  • Urban Kangoo

    Urban Kangoo

    Outdoor session with the special Kangoo Jumps boots . You will improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength through circuit training.

  • Cross Training

    Cross Training

    Functional movements, executed at high intensity and constantly varied. The aim is to increase work capacity through broad domains (exercise) time (metabolic pathways) and mode (exercises).

  • Hypopressive


    A technique aiming at improving your physical and sports postures, preventing hernias, reducing abdominal perimeter, improving sexual functions, preventing urinary incontinence and increasing sports performance.

  • Bosu Condition

    Bosu Condition

    A physical fitness session with a Bosu, mixing exercises with both cardiovascular and toning aspects.

  • Swimming Club

    Swimming Club

    If you like swimming, but you are bored always doing the same, come to the Swimmers’ Club, where your training will be programmed the same as in the Fitness Room.

  • Power Plate

    Power Plate

    Get to know the revolutionary, world-famous Power Plate technology at our clubs, which strengthens your musculoskeletal system while helping to speed weight loss.

  • Aqualight


    Mild physical fitness session in the water, improving articular mobility and toning with no risk of lesions.

  • Healthy Back

    Healthy Back

    Session with exercises focused on preventing and curing backache.

  • Gym Postural

    Gym Postural

    Know your body better and learn how to improve your body posture.

  • Belly Dance

    Belly Dance

    Learn the dance that captivated sultans in the Middle East. With the Belly Dance you will improve both your flexibility and strength while working at the same time directly on the body’s energy centres, eliminating tensions.

  • Abdominal reprogramming

    Abdominal reprogramming

    Non-aggressive toning and stretching exercises for abdominal muscles that also improve your posture.

  • Padel


    Rent one of our two paddle tennis courts with your friends or sign up for a course to learn or improve your technique.

  • Swimming for pregnancy

    Swimming for pregnancy

    Exercise during pregnancy with the advantage of not being subject to gravity, you will improve circulation as well as toning your body, feeling light and doing exercises more fluidly than out of the water.

  • Pilates with babies

    Pilates with babies

    Strengthen your muscles after childbirth, share an activity with your baby stimulating its senses and being by its side. This activity provides benefits for the mother as well as the baby.

  • Pilates in pregnancy

    Pilates in pregnancy

    Strengthen your abdominal walls for giving childbirth and after giving birth, reduce lumbar curvature and muscle tension as well as favouring the circulation, preventing incontinence and improving sleep and relaxation.

  • Hammer Training

    Hammer Training

    A semi-private course for functional and metabolic training in which you will burn up calories moving wheels, as well as eliminate accumulated stress by hammering.

  • Global Xtrem

    Global Xtrem

    A more intense toning class than traditional Global Training.

  • Keep fit

    Keep fit

    An exercise session where you will carry out low or high impact cardiovascular work as well as general toning and stretching.

  • MIB - BAL

    MIB - BAL

    Enjoy the best of "Made in Brazil" and "GAP" in a single class.

  • TBC - Sh'Bam

    TBC - Sh'Bam

    Enjoy the best of a toning class with the best of a Sh'Bam class.

  • Body Attack - Stretch

    Body Attack - Stretch

    Cardio class with 30 intense minutes, and 15 minutes for recovering, stretching to relax muscles.

  • Activate - Abs

    Activate - Abs

    A traditional Activate class with an added 15 minutes of abdominal exercise.

  • Boxing


    Practice cardiovascular exercise while you learn this combat sport. We use boxing techniques and strategies to improve strength, agility, resistance and coordination.

  • Master Ciclo

    Master Ciclo

    Two 50-minute Cycling classes with 10 minutes recovery between them.

  • Extreme Fit

    Extreme Fit

    Functional Training session.

  • Pilates Senior

    Pilates Senior

    Pilates session adapted to the elderly and their specific needs.

  • Step Dance

    Step Dance

    Cardiovascular choreographed session going up and down a stepper to the rhythm of the best music.

  • Global Training - Stretch

    Global Training - Stretch

    30-minute Global Training class with 15 minutes recovery to stretch and relax muscles.

  • Body Step - Stretch

    Body Step - Stretch

    30-minute intense cardio class with 15 minutes recovery to stretch and relax muscles.

  • Peak Yoga

    Peak Yoga

    Pilates session with stretching and Yoga postures.

  • Pilates Stretch

    Pilates Stretch

    Pilates and Stretch session.

  • Upper Body

    Upper Body

    30-minute session working on the upper body.

  • Yoga Stretch & Mind

    Yoga Stretch & Mind

    The aim of this session is to work on flexibility and the posture using methods such as Hatha, Yin or Iyengar, as well as carrying out meditation exercises like mantras and breathing or Pranayama techniques.



    CXWORX really hones in on your torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving the functional strength of your whole body.

  • Body Pump - CXWORX

    Body Pump - CXWORX

    Body Pump 30 minutes session + CXWORX 30 minutes session.

  • Pekegym

  • Aquaxtrem


    Choreographed physical fitness session in the water.

  • Body Mind

    Body Mind

    A session dedicated to controlling your posture using Balance, Pilates and Stretching techniques.

  • Latin Rhythms

    Latin Rhythms

    Latin American music and dance. Enjoy the best samba, salsa, marinera, merengue and cumbia.

  • Step Athletic

    Step Athletic

    Low-complexity aerobic training with athletic movements made on a Stepper.

  • Aerolatino


    A class combining aerobic movements and Latin rhythms.

  • Latin Step

    Latin Step

    Cardiovascular exercise combining Latin dances and Stepper movements.

  • Aqua Senior

    Aqua Senior

    Physical fitness session in the water, adapted to the elderly and their specific needs.

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