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The Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist is a professional with specific training who uses a collection of techniques that by way of applying physical agents, cure, prevent, recover and readapt people who need physical treatment to maintain an adequate level of health.

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The aim of physiotherapy

The final aim of physiotherapy is to promote, maintain, re-establish and increase the health of people in order to improve their quality of life.

Benefits of having the help of a physiotherapist

Prevention: To reduce stress that accumulates in the body due to daily life, causing aches and pains to get worse, the role of physiotherapists is important to achieve the maximum quality of life for people.

Recovery: A physiotherapist aims to alleviate or repair the effects of a lesion, be it of the bones, muscular, articular, lesions of the central peripheral nerve system.

Complying with objectives: A physiotherapist can help a member to establish appropriate objectives for their lifestyle. Rehabilitation aims to get people back to their previous state or to improve their condition as much as possible after an illness or lesion that has caused physical disorders of one kind or another.

Posture correction: Will help you to maintain a good static posture, such as sitting in front of a computer, and will teach you to “use” your body in everyday activities such as walking, sitting down and standing up, driving or other more strenuous activities such as practicing sports.

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After overcoming the initial phases of an injury or illness in a cabin or in the water, the physiotherapist in Holmes Place will also help you to train in the Fitness Room so you can return to your everyday life and to prevent future lesions.

Decontrating massage

Decontrating massage

Start treating your back problems with a physical therapy session with our professionals.You will get a physiotherapy assessment, a postural review and a treatment for you.



A good complement to manual techniques, as it achieves integral rehabilitation of the lesion or pathology, reaching areas that manual techniques cannot (electrotherapy, ultrasound, infrared…).

Neuromuscular bandaging

Neuromuscular bandaging

The effect of the bandage will vary according to where it is placed, how it is placed, the tension applied and in what direction. Habitually used in sports to reduce or increase muscular tone and to favour reabsorption of hematomas

Recovery in water

Recovery in water

Exercising in water has less negative impact; therefore several physiotherapy treatments are carried out in this medium. Pathologies that can be treated: traumatological, neurological, rheumatological, cardiovascular and respiratory...

A healthy eating lifestyle is one of the pillars of our philosophy of Holmes Place. We support our clients by offering advice from top Nutritional consultants at our clubs.

What you can expect from us?

  • a professional approach
  • an induvidual plan for every client
  • guaranteed results!


What is the goal and how is the consultation conducted?

The aim of all our consultations is to teach you proper nutritional habits while giving you the latest and most accurate nutrition information. Our goal is to help you gain nutritional independence so you can make healthy and informed choices in the future on your own and monitor your own weight goals.

Some possible areas our Eat Well expert may focus on for your plan:

  • The principles of healthy eating
  • The main nutrients in your diet
  • Detox
  • Acid-base balance and how to prevent hyperacidity
  • How to read food packaging
  • The effects of processed foods on your diet
  • How to strengthen your immune system
  • Sports nutrition supplements
  • Your diet and its relationship to your stress levels

... and more! We are happy to tailor each program to fit your needs. Contact us today to request your preliminary consultation.

Personalized nutrition plan

Personalized nutrition plan

Find out if your diet is composed of all that applies to the principles of a healthy and balanced diet with optimal distribution of carbohydrates, proteins and fats throughout the day. We evaluate your diet with regard to your objectives and requirem

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